The Newquay Neighbourhood Plan group have been working hard to turn all evidence; from previous events, surveys and background research into planning policies. Various events throughout Newquay Parish have been carried out to allow residents to view what has been formed. The documents below represent all the materials from these events, they are just DRAFT materials and aren’t set in stone so please let us know if we have missed anything; feedback. The Newquay Neighbourhood Plan has now passed examination, the next step will be putting it out to a referendum where Newquay will have a vote on whether to accept the plan or not.

Submitted Newquay Neighbourhood Plan


1 – Supporting Maps

2 – Shop front Design Guide

3a – Valued Landscapes

3b – Designated Local Green Spaces

4 – Views & Vistas Vantage Points

5 – Newquay Character Study

Watergate Bay Consultation

Trenance Cottages

Trenance Cottages

Great Western Hotel