Habitats and Biodiversity

Policy: HB1 – Habitats and Biodiversity


Ensure effective mitigation for biodiversity, including the creation of habitats elsewhere in compensation. All developments should demonstrate how they ensure biodiversity gain consistent with the British Standard for Biodiversity and the Cornwall Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document.

For developments of over 10 dwellings an Ecological Constraints and Opportunities Plan is required accompanied by a balance sheet or table setting out quantitatively the habitats to be lost, retained or enhanced, consistent with the British Standard for Biodiversity.


New development shall ensure that net gains are made for biodiversity within all developments consistent with Cornwall Council’s Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) . In particular:

• Bats
All new dwellings will contain at least 1 integrated bat box.

• Hedgehogs
All new development will provide habitat linkage and 13cm x 13cm holes in new fencing for them to pass through.

• Birds
All new dwellings will contain one integrated box per dwelling minimum for swifts/swallows or house martins.

• Barn owls
At least one barn owl box will be installed on each development site, 1km from main roads.

• Invertebrates
One bee brick will be installed per 2 residential units.

Nocturnal wildlife

The ecological corridors for Newquay identified within the Newquay Town Framework (see map HB) will be dark corridors to support our nocturnal wildlife e.g. bats, owls and moths. Development within 100m of these corridors should demonstrate how light spill has been designed out, within the design and access statement.

Hedges and Hedgerows
Hedges and Hedgerows will be expected to be preserved in all developments Where loss of biodiversity features, in particular Cornish Hedges, is unavoidable, the impacts should be mitigated and compensated for in line with Cornwall Council’s Biodiversity SPD.

Development will avoid disturbance of cliff and ground nesting habitats and haul out points for seals. Development will not adversely affect the designated features of the Newquay and the Gannel Marine Conservation Zone.

Applications must demonstrate how they seek to design out marine litter and pollution (for example via effective waste storage facilities and sewage treatment).

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