Policy: E1 – Safeguarding existing employment sites

This plan supports the continued commercial usage of business or office units in preference to converting such properties to residential housing. Conversion to residential use will be supported where it can be demonstrated that the existing commercial use, or another commercial use is no longer viable.

The following sites as indicated on Map E1 are protected for commercial or employment use; proposals for commercial development will be supported where there are no adverse impacts on nearby homes or businesses; proposals for residential development will not be supported.
a. Land adjacent to Treloggan Industrial Estate (formerly Ealing Science Centre)
b. Treloggan industrial Estate
c. Prow Park
d. The Old Wood Yard (Jewsons) site – mixed use may also be acceptable at this site; (where commercial usage is restricted to B1 uses ).
e. Area around Tall Trees (Quarry Park Road)
f. Lanherne (railway station site) is preserved for mixed use
g. Wesley Yard preserved for light industrial
h. Hope Yard preserved for light industrial
i. Tor Road – preserved for light industrial
j. School Close Craft Centre

There are further employment opportunities within the Nansledan and Tregunnel Hill estates but these are integrated within residential areas as mixed use developments and it would not be suitable to safeguard particular areas.

Policy: E2 – New employment and Training space

a. Proposals for new employment sites within the Newquay town boundary, including live-work units will be supported where they do not adversely impact on the landscape or on existing residential amenity.

b. Proposals to develop or improve educational or training facilities to deliver skills in high value growth industries within the parish will be supported.

c. All new non-residential development should provide adequate off-street parking in accordance with Cornwall Council’s travel plan guidance.

d. All non-residential development approved and approved and built within the lifetime of the plan should be retained and will be subject to policy E1 above.

Policy: E3 – Aerohub

Proposals which support the development of improved transport links between the town and the Aerohub will be supported where they do not conflict with other policies in this plan.

Policy: E4 – Parking and New Commercial Development

a. Proposals to build new or replace existing commercial property will be supported where the replacement design is of a high quality and there is no increased visual impact on the Cornish landscape. The loss of valued traditional buildings will only be supported where the new building offers greater opportunities for employment, improved facilities for the public and a high quality design.

b. Any new commercial buildings or extensions to existing commercial buildings will be supported where they respond to the Newquay Character Statement and do not have a detrimental impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties or on the character of the local area.

c. All new commercial buildings must provide appropriate levels of car parking in line with CC guidance.

d. In particular, hotels should provide parking spaces for at least 75% of their bedrooms; in highly sustainable locations in very close proximity to local transport hubs, where it can be demonstrated that there is a greater likelihood that guests will use alternative transport methods to the private car, a lower proportion of parking spaces may be acceptable. Plans which propose less than 50% of car parking spaces (by number of bedrooms) will not be supported.

Policy: E5 – Support for Innovative Projects
Non-residential development proposals that seek to enhance the recreational facilities and other amenities available in Newquay for residents and visitors and which comply with other policies in this plan will be supported.

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Map E1 – Existing Employment Sites