Coastal Change

Policy:  CC 1  – Designation of Coastal Change Management Area

The entire coastline of the Parish from the Gannel Estuary to the Newquay Parish boundary on Watergate Beach, as indicated on Maps CC a, b, c & d is designated as a Coastal Change Management Area (CCMA).

Policy: CC2 – Development in locations vulnerable to coastal change

Maps CC a,b,c & d shows the anticipated 100 year erosion line (defined by the Environment Agency), plus a 10m buffer – this is the Exclusion Zone. Landward of the Exclusion Zone is a 30m Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Zone.  The policies below apply to planning proposals in these areas.

Proposals for development in the Exclusion Zone:

  1. Proposals for development in the red exclusion zone will only be supported where they are for small, temporary structures that will not add to the erosion risk. Residential development will not be supported.
  2. Proposals for redevelopment, enlargement or extension of existing buildings that fall within the exclusion zone will not be supported.
  3. Proposals to change the use of existing buildings into residential usage will not be supported.
  4. Proposals to undertake minor works to improve sea defences and strengthen or stabilise cliff faces will be supported where it can be demonstrated that the works are consistent with the management approach in the relevant Shoreline Management Plan and there will be no material adverse impact on the environment. A detailed schedule of works, including materials to be used, must be submitted to Cornwall Council and agreed prior to works commencing. Proposals for major works to stabilise or strengthen cliff faces in areas where the SMP management approach is for ‘No active intervention’ will not be supported.
  5. Development proposals that require stabilisation, strengthening or other interference with the cliff before development can commence will not be supported.
  6. Proposals to stabilise or strengthen cliff faces will be supported where such work is necessary to ensure that existing safe public access to beaches is maintained.
  7. In all cases where the SW Coastal path passes through the Exclusion Zone, an additional 2m must be added to the buffer zone to ensure that there is sufficient protected land to enable the path to roll back.

Proposals for Development in the Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Zone

  1. All development proposals for new build, redevelopment, change of use, extension or enlargement (beyond permitted development rights) within the Vulnerability Zone must be accompanied by a Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Assessment (CEVA), carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced professional. Proposals will be supported where the CEVA confirms that the proposal will not cause damage to cliff faces or otherwise increase susceptibility to coastal change and where the proposal complies with all other relevant planning policies.
  2. Any development whose boundary abuts the cliff edge will be required to provide details of proposals for any boundary treatment as part of their application – any proposal that affects the natural look of the cliffs will not be supported.
  3. All approved developments, where part of the site is within or adjacent to the exclusion zone, will have permitted development rights for extensions, enlargements, garden buildings, hard landscaping and changes to boundary treatments removed by planning condition.

Development proposals around Newquay Harbour (Management Area 32 Policy Unit 32.2) are not affected by this policy and applications for development here will be determined in accordance with other policies in this plan.

Policy: CC3– Drainage Management

Applications for development within 30 metres of the Exclusion Zone as identified on map CC a,b,c & d will be required to provide a Drainage Impact Assessment showing how foul water and surface water will be managed.

Proposals will be supported where they show how the development will provide for the drainage of surface water directly into existing sewers.

The use of drainpipes which would discharge water onto any cliff or cliff face will not be supported.

The use of soakaways and permeable surfaces in the Exclusion Zone or within 5 metres of it will not be supported.

The use of water collection tanks within or immediately adjacent to the Exclusion Zone will not be supported.

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